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Animal Behavior mechanisms, ecology, evolution

By: Lee C. Drikamer, Steven H. Vessey, Elizabeth M. Jakob

Price: $7.14

Publisher: Boston, McGraw-Hill: 2002

Seller ID: 1731

Designed for a one-semester introductory course in Animal Behavior. Animal behavior is a broad discipline with investigators and contributions from diverse perspectives, including anthropology, comparative psychology, ecology, ethology, physiology, and zoology. The authors goal in this textbook is to use evolutionary principles as a unifying theme to provide students exposure to a number of approaches to the field of animal behavior. They also demonstrate that the varied... View more info

The Seven Daughters of Eve

By: Sykes, Bryan

Price: $4.99

Publisher: New York, W.W. Norton & Co.: 2001

Seller ID: 1781

The national bestseller that reveals how we are descended from seven prehistoric women. In 1994 Bryan Sykes was called in as an expert to examine the frozen remains of a man trapped in glacial ice in northern Italy for over 5000 years? The Ice Man. Sykes succeeded in extracting DNA from the Ice Man, but even more important, writes Science News, was his "ability to directly link that DNA to Europeans living today." In this groundbreaking book, Sykes reveals how... View more info